Men – Don’t Take a Back Seat When Preparing for a Healthy Conception!

Do you think you know your role when it comes to making a baby and that prepping for a pregnancy is for the lady in your life? Wrong! Unfortunately, you’re not alone in that thinking, since 38% of new dads who responded to a Proxeed plus survey[1] left it up to their partner to prepare for a healthy conception. Don’t leave it only up to her — make some changes that will help you prepare for a healthy conception too! p4p-screen

If you’re asking why, then think about this: Guys are up to 50% responsible in couples trying to conceive, and although men are typically able to reproduce at literally any age, sperm quality begins to decline at the age of 25. That’s right – 25!

If you’re planning on having a baby, it’s important you play an active role in achieving a healthy conception too. Take the initiative and make sure you’re in prime baby-making shape!  Regardless of your age, it generally takes sperm an average of 74 days to mature and up to an additional 20 days to become capable of fertilization.

Before you get busy, click here for some easy-to-achieve yet important and helpful tips to help support sperm health. Then talk with your doctor (yes, that means making an appointment for a physical) about Proxeed plus, a clinically researched prenatal male fertility supplement that blends essential male fertility vitamins and nutrients like zinc, carnitines, Vitamin B12, selenium and more, to help support sperm health for three to six months prior to trying to conceive.

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[1] Harris Poll conducted this study on behalf of Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals. The survey was administered online within the United States between April 1 and 13, 2015.